Dead Of Winter - Demo

by Empire Of Gold

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released June 20, 2014



all rights reserved


Empire Of Gold Chicago, Illinois

In 2014 Michael Jack Dole made his solo debut with the release of his demo album, Dead of Winter.

June 6, 2015 brought his first EP, Raw, which Dole reverted back to a stripped down, in-your-face attitude. Listening to the style in which it was recorded and mixed, Dole is very clearly defying modern production techniques and is showing listeners a musician who has raw, unedited talent.
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Track Name: The One
Time sure has been unkind and wicked in its ways.
The thought of you should be long gone and faded like my childhood days.
But you still linger inside; just like a bad taste in my mouth.
I can't stop hating myself for leaving you with my disappearing act.

My body is tired; I can't run anymore.
'Cause all the feelings I once had made me run.
And everyone of my lies was the truth.
It's just hard to see it 'cause I stole what was sacred to you.

I still remember the first day we met on that morning train.
You surprised me when that pretty dress and stilettos started dancing off into the rain.
I use to be so dark and lonely and high all the time.
And you were my angel that came and picked me up and shook me up and showed me the light.

I can't deny all the feelings I cannot shake.
'Cause I now know that your the one that got away.
Track Name: Living Through The Phase
I'm living through the days I never thought I'd live through.
I'm going through the phase that everyone must go through.
I'm feeling sad I've moved away and took a step back.
Now swimming through a sea of gorgeous faces I've lacked.

I'm feeling kind of low; I'm feeling kind of subtle.
I got no inspiration; Nothing to rebuttal.
A lack of consciousness; A wanting for revival.
But every step I take walks all over The Bible.

I use to feel a different vibe; I wasn't falling.
I use to be the one that everyone kept calling.
The know-it-all; The one who had his shit together.
And carried on with ease like a floating feather.

I've realized this time that things are really changing.
I need to step it up before I think of quitting.
I feel the hands of God helping me find direction.
And getting me the hell away from all this friction.

I'm living through the days I never thought I'd live though
I'm going through the phase that everyone must go through.
Track Name: Insecurities
Open up your eyes and tell me what it is you see.
And show me why it's worth your insecurities.
'Cause all I see is you; Trapped inside your made up world.
Where the lights went black and darkness turned to light.
And everyday it's sadness pouring out your heavy mouth.
Speaking out perspectives of a foreign mind.
You tell me happiness should be it's very own antonym.
'Cause your so happy within your melancholiness.

But your so cold.
And so afraid.
Why must you be this way?

Don't you ever want love?
Don't you ever want to be the one?
Well fuck you and your selfish ways.
Don't you ever come running back to me!

When you finally wake up inside the heart of emptiness.
And find there's no escape and happiness is dead.
And all there's left to do is piece together back your life.
'Cause your a mess of all your insecurities.

You've really gone insane; The same old story once again.
We thought you had a grip; The bandage shows the pain.
Now on to the next; Did him dirty just the same.
Left him drowning in tears as you walked with ease.
Will you ever find where your anxious heart belongs?
You walk around in darkness 'cause your dead inside.
Wake up from this nightmare; Sorrowing is not a cure.
Nor is it the way to heal this wounds you've made.
Track Name: All Talk, No Action
Caught on this turntable.
Watching as I spin around.
As I spin around thoughts keep cycling through.
Through my open mind.

Your all talk, no action.
You say these things like they matter.
When you turn around and do the opposite.
You say so much.

Full of emotion and ready to speak out loud.
I'm so wanting for you to know.
I'm such the devil tonight.
Wanting to hear you cry...
Wanting to hear you cry..
Wanting to hear you cry.

I should never show my love.
I should always keep it locked.
All these empty hearted thieves are using me for joy.
And they're knocking down my walls and screaming out for more.
What is it you want? I'm all used up and lonely.
But it just doesn't stop. They always come and go.
Use me as a stepping stone to grow and leave me on the floor.
Won't somebody help me see? What is wrong with me?
Keep me on the low to long and that is where I'll build my home.

Having no pity, no mercy, no; none of that.
Just full of hatred for what you've done.
What you've done to me.
Words can't explain.
Track Name: Eyes Of The Storm
Track Name: Culture Clash
The darkest chapter opened up in front of our eyes.
And pierced into our hearts on fire with cold desires.
And the author to this bloody book is Mother herself.
She sent me to the freedom land; This culture clash.

And we're searching for a reason.
An apprehension left untold.

I'm not the soul I was before. I'm not bruised with inequities that left me sore.
I've defeated demons in the night that fought so hard to block the light.
And I'm never going back to write these empty melodies that make me stay up all night.
I'm going to get it right tonight.

I'm certain now the words I speak are subtle beliefs.
And the words I never spoke as a child are pouring out.
From fear and loathing.
To tears I'm exposing.
We're searching for a reason.
A comprehension left untold.

And time and time I think about the years I spent living in doubt.
And I hope your happy bringing down this world on your kids and knocking us down.
And spinning us round and round; There's only one that deserves this loving beautiful sound.
Dad I hope we make you proud.

You have us singing...

Look at us now.
Where are you now?
Track Name: Just Another Storm
A long, long time ago I learned what it's like to feel.
The darkest pain in life and it's demons pushing you around.

And I know you know it too.
And I know you can't escape.
And it haunts you in every corner of your lucid dreams.

But put a nice, big smile on your face.
'Cause your the reason why I live and breathe.
And I promise it will get better with time.
Just ask Dad. He's inside your heart.

But every family has their faithful and their lost.
We aren't the only ones that have lost the ones we love in ratchet ways.

So I'm singing for your soul.
Yeah, I'm singing to calm your mind.
And to show you how there's nothing to be gained from all those tears.

I'll tell you how I'm this man you see.
It's this guitar that set me free.
I don't need to tell you how much you've grown.
From enduring our heavy storms.
It's just another storm.

So put another big smile on your face.
I want to see the reason why I live and breathe.
And I promise it will get better with time.
Just ask Dad. He's inside your heart.

I'll tell you why I'm this man you see.
It's to show you even we can be free.
Look in the mirror and see how much you've grown.
From enduring heavier storms.
It's just another storm.